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Antioxidant Depletion In High-Density Polyethylene Pipes Exposed To Synthetic Leachate And Air

Authors:  R.P. Krushelnitzky1, and R.W.I. Brachman2 ABSTRACT: Antioxidant depletion rates are reported for samples of one particular high-density polyethylene pipe when immersed in air and a synthetic municipal solid waste leachate, obtained by measuring the oxidative induction time (OIT) at temperatures of 22°C, 40°C, 70°C and 85°C with time. Of the factors examined, the rate of antioxidant depletion […]

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The Structural erformance of flexible pipe for landfill drainage

Authors:  D. F. Rogers, BSc, PhD, CEng, MICE, MIHT, Eur Ing, , The structural performance of perforated plastic pipelines used for landfill drainage is difficult to predict. This paper aims to describe their structural action on the basis of field measurements, and thereby make recommendations for their design and installation. The key requirements for structural support […]

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Stress Concentrations Around Circular Holes in Perforated Drainage Pipes

Authors: R.W.I. Brachman, , and R.P. Krushelnitzky, Stress concentrations around circular holes in perforated buried pipes obtained from three-dimensional elastic finite element analysis are presented. The maximum stresses around the perforation were found to depend on the thickness and diameter of the pipe, the diameter of the perforation, the circumferential location of the perforation, and the axial and circumferential […]

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Earth Pressure Measurements On Buried HDPE Pipe

Authors:  M.L. TALESNICK*, H.-W. XIA†, and I.D. MOORE† An understanding of the stress distributions that act on buried pipes plays a key role in the development and use of design methods for these structures. The radial stresses that develop on buried flexible pipes have been investigated by a number of researchers through experimental, analytical and numerical methods. […]

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Compaction Effects On Strains Within Profiled Thermoplastic Pipes

Authors:  W. I. Brachman1, , I. D. Moore2, , and S. M. Munro3, Results from laboratory tests are reported to establish how pipe deflections, strains and local bending are influenced by the selection of backfill soil and its placement for two profiled thermoplastic culverts. Lined-corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and poly vinyl chloride (PVC) pipes with a nominal […]

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Performance Of Buried HDPE Pipes – Part II: Total Deflection Of The Pipe

Zhou1F. Wang2Y. J. Du3 M. D. Liu4 PhD Candidate Associate Professor Professor and Director Senior Lecturer Total deflection of buried thermoplastic pipes is extensively studied in previous work as it is a service limit state specified in design standards. In this paper, two-dimensional finite-element modeling is conducted to investigate the total deflection of buried high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes with a […]

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Performance Of Buried HDPE Pipes- Part 1 : Peaking Deflection During Initial Backfilling Process

Zhou1 Y. J. Du2 F. Wang3 M. D. Liu4 PhD Candidate Professor and Director Associate Professor Senior Lecturer Peaking deflection caused by compacting the sidefill, referred to as the maximum change of the pipe diameter divided by the undeformed diameter, is an important parameter in the design and safety check of buried pipelines. However, quantitative equations on the deflection useful for engineering […]

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Durability of Polyethylene Geopipes for Landfill Applications After Several Years in Service

Durability of polyethylene geopipes for landfill applications after several years in service Helmut Zanzinger, Kurt Engelsing & Sebastian Hausmann SKZ – German Plastics Center, Würzburg, Germany Geosynthetics (GSY) and geopipes (GPI) used for landfill applications should have a guaranteed service life of at least 100 years according to the up-to-date landfill directive in Germany. Bearing […]

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