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Before knowing what a geopipe or geosynthetic pipeline is, it helps us to know the types of geosynthetics and their understanding, from several articles on the internet or Google or also on Wikipedia. I summarize some of them as follows:   Geosynthetic Types and their Definition Geosynthetic is a type of synthetic material / synthetic […]

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HDPE/PE pipe introduction

HDPE pipe is a type of flexible plastic pipe used for fluid and gas transfer and is often used to replace ageing concrete or steel mains pipelines. Made from the thermoplastic HDPE (high-density polyethylene), its high level of impermeability and strong molecular bond make it suitable for high pressure pipelines. HDPE pipe is used across the globe for applications such […]

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Handbook Plastic Pipe Ring Stiffness part 4

3.1 Determination of ring stiffness under use of pipe segments In the following abstract the most important details of the procedure acc. GIN 16917 are explained. A mathematic investigation has proven that there exists a relationship between testing 79° pipe segments and the standard test procedure according to DIN EN ISO 9969. The same ring […]

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Handbook Plastic Pipe Ring Stiffness part 3

Alternative Test Procedures for Ring Stiffness   All Manufacturers of large diameter plastic pipes face the same challenge regarding regular testing of ring stiffness. Especially dimensions bigger than DN 2000 are problematic, because of typical existing infrastructure in laboratories. The weight of the cut pipe lenght and the size it self require special equipment to […]

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Handbook Plastic Pipe Ring Stiffness part 2

2. Standard Ring Stiffness Test Procedures Mainly we differ two different procedures to measure and evaluate the pipe-stiffness: a. Testing under constant load acc. DIN 16961-2: Thermoplastic pipes with profiled wall and smooth pipe inside b.Testing under constant speed acc. DIN EN ISO 9969: Thermoplastic Pipes-determination of Ring stiffness At noth procedures a cut length […]

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Handbook Plastic Pipe ring stiffness

Ring Stiffness Alternative Test Method for Thermoplastic Pipes General preface to importance of stiffness The measurement of Pipe-stiffness is described in different national and international standars. The Ring-Stiffness of Pipes is one of the important indicators for the evaluation of Pipe stability. But Ring-Stiffness should not be overvalued, always is has to be considered that […]

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Hand Book Plastic Pipes 3

III. Characteristics of Materials mattering for sewage systems Concrete/Ferroconcrete has been used since ages past for sewage systems and thus profits from long experiences. Concrete is utterly solid, stable and resistant against shifting during installation. Later on, pipes may likely shift because of different pressures. Furthermore it is high temperature resistantand inflammable. On the other […]

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Hand Book Plastic Pipes 2

Factors causing damage: Physical (frost, heat, UV, butt, pressure, earthquakes…) EXMP 1: When water is freezing during very low temperatures, it expands. When the pressure cannot release, the pipe containing the frozen water might burst. The trouble is to detect those flaws and cracks caused by frost in time. Wet walls in domestic pipes or […]

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Hand Book on Large Plastic Pipe

Damage and vulnerability of materials in sewage systems This essay focuses on three central questions : What are the most common damages happening to pipes in waste water systems? By which factors are such damages caused? Which material is especially weak or strong in resistance against certain damages?   The advantages of pipe-materials and the […]

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