HDPE Spiral Pipe


  • Pipe diameter: DN800mm,DN 1000mm,DN1200mm,DN1400mm,DN1600mm,  DN 1800mm  DN 2000mm

    Ring stiffness: SN4 KN/m2   SN8  KN/m2   SN12.5  KN/m2  SN16 KN/m2  SN20  KN/m2

Products features

  • Super corrosion resistant
  • Strong resistance to external hit
  • Ultra-aging resistance
  • Cold and heat resistant
  • Light weight
  • Low cost in engineering
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Durable
  • Smooth inside and low flow friction
  • Non-pollution to environment
  • High ring stiffness and excellent ring flexibility

Products Application

  • Municipal engineering. Used for drainage and sewage pipes.
  • Construction Engineering. For building rainwater pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc.
  • Electrical Telecommunication Engineering. Used for various power cable protection pipe.
  • Railway and highway telecommunications. Protection pipe for telecommunication cables and optical cables
  • Industry. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries of sewage pipes and liquid transmission pipe
  • Agriculture and garden engineering. For farmland, orchards, tea gardens, and irrigation
  • Road works. Used as drainage pipe for railways and highways.
  • Mine ventilation, air supply, drainage pipe
  • The double wall corrugated pipe with open hole can be used as the seepage drainage pipe of the highway in saline-alkali area.
  • Golf course and football field project. Used in golf course, football field seepage drainage.
  • Drainage and sewage pipes for various industries. Such as large terminals, port engineering, and large airport projects.
  • The 190 °C flat belt and U-shaped material strip extruded from the extruder die are evenly wound around the steel mold at a predetermined position, and the quality of the tube weld seam is ensured after natural cooling.
  • In particular, the welded joint of the flat strip in the structural design is covered by the coated support tube, which also improves the quality of the welded joint of the pipe and the overall external pressure resistance of the product.

PR type—–outer winding type, that is, the inner surface of the product is smooth and the outer part is shaped with a reinforced structure. Mainly used as buried drainage pipe. Application: sewage pipe, drain pipe, storm drain pipe

SQ type —– winding type, that is, inside the product, the outer surface is smooth, and the middle is a special-shaped reinforced structure. Mainly used in the manufacture of container, cargo wells Application: Ventilation pipes, shafts, pipes with the highest load and large diameter

VW type—-solid wall type, mainly used for tees, elbows, and secondary processing of pipe fittings.
Applications: Pressure pipes, vessels, fittings and special structures

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